Emilia Dark

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The biography of the novelist is full of deep life experiences and she loves to share them with the readers. «I lived in Riga and in the university I used to write stories for newspapers. After that I moved to Saint Petersburg to study psychology.» – she tells about herself. Perhaps, that’s why her love stories are so unique and you can easily put yourself in the heroes’ shoes.

Why exactly does she write romance novels? The author thinks that a person reveals itself fully only through sex, but not everyone can give in to their feelings. This passion can bring you to the top of bliss, but too much attachment to it, can probably make you fall.

The author has her own approach to the ‘love line’. The personalities of the heroes will amaze readers. The fascinating plots make you follow the details closely. The spice scenes are described very passionately and sensually.

The first of Emilia’s books «The toy for the boss» was published quite recently, but it has caused a real sensation and the many reviews speak for themselves.

Emilia’s books are for those who are tired of artificial beauty, because her books are filled with life and feelings. She knows that the world is not so simple, and sometimes it is so cruel to us. So wouldn’t it be better to turn it into pleasure?